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Seven Cycles

6 week Leadtime for Custom Seven!

Why Seven

Made in the USA doesn't get much better than a bicycle built by Seven Cycles!  Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, they are within a two hour drive from our store.  We can even set up a tour for you of their manufacturing facility!  Seven is the world's largest producer of custom Titanium and Titanium-Carbon mix bikes.  What is even more exciting is that they don't charge extra for full custom geometry!  Seven doesn't have an inventory of bikes stored in a warehouse--every bike is made special for the rider.  They work hard to ensure your bike is personalized just for you.

Seven Cycles started making bikes in 1997 and honed their processes so that you can have your fully custom bike in as short a time as possible.  Current estimated lead time for non-painted bikes is 7 weeks*.  Painted frames is 9 weeks*.   Seven builds bikes from Titanium or Titanium Carbon mix.  Founder and president Rob Vandermark and the Seven team have been working with titanium since its introduction into the cycling industry, pioneering many of the design and manufacturing techniques used throughout the industry today. 

We have partnered with Seven Cycles to get you on your perfect bike, because their mission matches the Bicycles East mission.  They only use the best materials and craftsmanship, allowing for a lifetime frame warranty.   When you buy a Seven, you get a bike that is fit to you perfectly with unlimited personalization of components, color, and decals.  It's easy to realize the un-matched value of a Seven, because you get all of this at a price equal to or less than bikes offered by others.

The Process

Ordering a Seven from Bicycles East is enjoyable and simple. It starts with a conversation with your Bicycles East Seven expert, guided by a form created by Seven. We want to learn about where you want to ride, how you want your dream bike to feel and handle, and what you like or dislike about any current bike(s) that you ride. In addition, we will guide you in the selection of components and options.  

One of the great benefits of buying a Seven is that it will be custom built to the measurements that match your ideal riding position. When you purchase your new Seven from Bicycles East, we include a free bike fit with our professional fitter Steve.  He uses a variety of tools including our Precision Fit cycle and video motion capture. He has over twenty years of experience as a bike fitter, has fitted thousands of cyclists, and has earned multiple advanced bike fit certifications. By the end of your fit, we will have developed your ideal riding position. Eighteen measurements will be taken and recorded. The information from the interview and fit is then shared with Seven Cycles.

Shortly after your information is submitted, one of Seven's bike designers will reach out to you to schedule a personal phone interview.  This 20-30 minute interview allows the designer to confirm everything that was submitted as well as answer any of your questions.  By the completion of the interview the designer will be ready to work on your dream bike.  Throughout the process, there is communication between Bicycles East, Seven, and YOU! We present you with the design, and once it is perfect, it goes into queue for production. 

Amazingly, we have never had anybody less than thrilled with their new Seven. Our process works!

Demo's / Test Rides

Interested in seeing a Seven in person?  Want to ride a Titanium bike to better understand how it rides and feels?  We have 6 demos bikes in stock--the largest selection in Connecticut!  When not out on a ride for demo, they are on our floor to view.  You can even take one of them out for a spin if you like.  

Here is our current demo bike offering:  

  • Evergreen SL (Gravel/mixed road surface - Ti) - Designed to ride and handle like a road bike with tire clearance for Gravel - Two Wheelsets -  Medium
  • Evergreen SL (Gravel/mixed road surface - Ti), Designed primary for road ride, two wheels sets (gravel and road), also commuting - Extra Small
  • Evergreen S (Gravel Ti), Designed primarily as a gravel bike.  Can except road wheels for riding on pavement -  Large
  • Axiom S (Road Ti), This is a great example of Seven's full titanium road bike -  Medium/Large
  • Sola SL (Mtn Ti), Supper smooth hardtail mountain bike - great for cross country and trail riding -  Medium
  • 622 XX (Road Carbon-Ti Mix), An amazing road bike that takes advantage of the best benefits of Titanium and Carbon fiber - Small

The Next Step

Want to learn more about Seven Cycles and the wonderful bikes they build?  Do you want take a closer look at one of their bikes in person?  Do you want to take one for a test ride? Or are you ready to talk and take the next step toward your dream bike?  Click on one of the links below to reach us or learn more:

Call Us

We can be reached Tuesday through Saturday, select the option number 3 for Sales and ask for Steve or Deb:


Email Us

Do you want to communicate with us right now but the store isn't open, no problem.  Just email us and we will follow up quickly.  We even watch email during non-business hours.

* lead times can vary based on components selected.  Estimated lead times shown above are as of 11/7/23.