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Seven Cycles

Why Seven

Made in the USA doesn't get much better than Seven!  Located in Watertown Massachusetts, they are within a two hour drive from our store.  We can even set up a tour for you of their manufacturing facility!  Seven is the world's largest producer of custom bikes.  What is even more exciting is that they don't charge extra for full custom geometry!  Seven doesn't have an inventory of bikes stored in a warehouse--every bike is made special for the rider.  They work hard to ensure your bike is personalized just for you.

Seven started making bikes in 1997 and honed their processes so that you can have your new bike typically within 6-9 weeks from our initial conversation.  Seven builds bikes from Titanium or Titanium Carbon mix.  Founder and president Rob Vandermark and the Seven team have been working with titanium since its introduction into the cycling industry, pioneering many of the design and manufacturing techniques used throughout the industry today.  

We have partnered with Seven because their mission matches ours to get you on your perfect bike.  They only use the best materials and craftsmanship that allows for a lifetime frame warranty.   When you buy a Seven you get a bike fit to you perfectly with limitless personalization of components, color, and decals.  It's easy to realize what a great value a Seven is because you get all of this at a price equal to or less than what others offer.

The Process

Ordering a Seven from Bicycles East is enjoyable and simple.  It starts with a conversation guided by a form created by Seven.  We want to learn about where you want to ride and the current bike(s) that you may have.  We're interested in how you will use your new Seven and how you would like it to ride and handle.  In addition, we will guide you in the selection of components and options.  

One of the great benefits of buying a Seven is it will be built to measurements that match your ideal riding position.  When you purchase your new Seven from Bicycles East, we include a free bike fit that uses our Precision Fit cycle and video motion capture.  During your fit session, you will work with Steve our professional bike fitter who has eighteen years of experience and has fitted thousands of cyclists.  By the end of your fit, we will have developed your ideal riding position.  Eighteen measurements will be taken and recorded on a sheet that will be shared with Seven.  Combined with the interview questions, this measurement sheet allows Seven to start their internal process that will create the bike of your dreams.  Want some ideas, Click Here.

Learn More About of Our Fitting Services Visit Seven's Website for more Info and all Their Bikes