Interested in a new bike?  Have a current bike that needs to be fitted to you correctly?  At Bicycles East we pay very close attention to the details that ensure your new or current bike fits you correctly.  A bicycle is correctly fitted to you when it is sized and fitted to match your physiology.  You should never have to manipulate your body to accommodate your riding position.  When things are just right you will be more comfortable, the bike will handle better, perform better, and you will generate more power—all of which will help you to be safer and have the opportunity to truly enjoy your cycling experience.

Our most popular fit packages are listed below.  In addition, we can create a specific package to meet your current fit needs.  Besides the fit information listed below, please click on the above tabs to to learn more about our bicycle fit services.

Comprehensive Motion Capture Fit with Precision Fit Cycle:

Level 3 Fit: Road, Mountain, Hybrid Bikes $250, $150 with road bike purchase
Level 4 Fit: Aero (Tri) Bike $275, $175 with Tri bike purchase

This level fit is for the individual who wants to ensure they are positioned on their bike in the most effective and efficient manner to minimize the possibility of injury and/or maximize power and speed.  The fit addresses current discomfort and issues that you may be having on your current bike as well as discover your ideal position utilizing our Precision Fit Cycle and other tools.  Your fit session will start with a comprehensive interview followed by a detailed off the bike physical assessment to determine your skeletal alignment, range of motion, and stability.  We use Dynamic Motion Capture  for a thorough analysis of the riders movement and position via high-speed video.  Whether you want a new stock bike, custom bike, address discomfort on your current bike, or just want to improve your position on your current bike, this is the fit for you. 

Your fit session includes:

  • • Comprehensive prefit interview
         • Type of ride
         • Preexisting pains, discomforts, ad injuries
         • Goals

    • Off the bike physical assessment
         • Skeletal alignment
         • Range of motion
         • Stability analysis
         • Foot assessment 
  • • Shoe setup 
         • Cleat fore/aft, rotation, and stance width
         • Footbed evaluation
         • Cleat wedge evaluation
    • Current position assessed 
         • If you currently have a bike, your current position will be reviewed via Video Motion Capture while you ride your bike on a stationary trainer 
    • Ideal Position Developed 
         State-of-art Fit Cycle used to develop position 
         • Video Motion Capture analysis--Multi plane: both sides, front, and rear 
         • Saddle selection 
         • Saddle height 
         • Saddle fore/aft position 
         • Stem length and position 
         • Handlebar width and position 
         • Aerobar selection and position (for Tri fits)

• Optional (recommended) add-on ($50)

Saddle Pressure Scan and Analysis

Standard Tri Bike Fit:

Level Two Fit : Triathlon Bikes $165 
($100 credit toward purchase of new Tri bike within 6 months)

This fit covers all the elements included in our Level 1 (road) fit plus analysis of proper aerobar setup.  In addition, this fit can be coupled with other fit options like our cleat fitting service and saddle pressure mapping at an additional charge.  This is a dynamic fitting so you will be pedaling throughout the session.

Your fit session includes:

• Pre-fit interview
     • Type of riding
     • Cycling goals

•Establish neutral riding position and or correct size bicycle
     • Bike placed in stationary trainer and used to develop size and/or position
     • Motion Capture Video from one side
     • Precision Fit Cycle used to develop position if bike is not available
     • Saddle height
     • Saddle fore/aft position
     • Stem length and position
     • Handlebar width and position
     • Aerobar pad height extension position

• Optional Cleat Fitting (recommended if using clipless pedals) add-on $70
• Optional Saddle Pressure Scan and Analysis (recommended) add-on $50

Cleat Fitting:

Fitting Service Available to any bike with clipless pedals: $100 
(discounted to $70 when added to either a level 1 or level 2 fit.  Included in our level 3 and level 4 fits)

This is a detailed fitting related to the shoe, foot, and pedal interface.  Your feet are under tremendous load while cycling and if you have poor foot alignment you could develop pain and injury throughout your body.  After a detailed foot assessment off the bike, we will be able to determine if you would benefit from Cycling Footbeds or Cleat Cant Wedges.  We will then adjust your cleats for correct fore/aft, rotation, and stance width.  This is a dynamic cleat fitting so you will be pedaling throughout the process.

Your fit session includes:

• Detailed physical foot assessment
     • Measurement of foot length, arch length, width, and arch height and how these measurement change when your foot is under load
     • Forefoot rotation measurement
     • Full foot inspection

Cycling Footbed assessment
Cleat Cant Wedge assesment
• Cleat adjustment
     • Fore/aft position
     • Rotation
     • Stance width

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