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Rides and Events

Check this page often for updated listings of all types of cycling events in and around our area.

Bicycles East Weekly Group Rides

Please read the"Bicycles East Group Road Ride Etiquette" sheet at this link  and the ride waiver form at this link, and print, read, sign, and bring to your first ride of this season. Thank you!


Day Start Time Description Location Phone

Sundays - most weeks, check website for details

9:00 AM

Postponed due to social distancing. Mountain Bike Ride - Most Sundays 9:00 am. - Bring your mountain bike, water, and helmet.


Postponed due to social distancing


Road Ride: "A/B+" Group - avg speed 16-20 mph. "B" Group - avg speed 14-15 mph; "C" group - avg. speed 12.5-13.5 mph. Bring your road bike, water, and helmet.

Bicycles East


Postponed due to social distancing

6:00 pm

Women's Road Ride. Bring your road bike, helmet, and water, and enjoy the camaraderie of other women cyclists.

Bicycles East


Saturday Free Clinic Series

You are invited to attend our FREE clinic series. It takes place Saturday mornings before we open from 9:15am to 9:45am. No reservation required.  Clinics run Spring and Summer. 

Strava Club Time Trial and Hill Climb Series

You must join our strava club to participate - you can fine more info on our website about the Strava Club.  The races schedule and locations are listed on our Events Calendar

• This is a Time Trial and Hill Climb Series

• Time Trial and Hill Climb will alternate each week for a total of four weeks starting October 10, 2016

• The Series schedule will be posted on our events calendar (Bicycles East website and google calendar). • We plan to announce the “race” segment the week before the “challenge” will be held.  This announcement will be on our Strava club page

• The race is in not-real time.  In other words, you race over the segment on your own time during the schedule week.

• You can race over the segment as many times as you would like…your best time will show up on the Leader Board

• We will filter the Leader board for Club Members only as well as by the date period raced.  We can also separate men and women.

Learn more about our Strava Club and events.