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Video Motion Capture and Analysis 

Our Standard Motion Capture Fits utilize Dartfish Video Motion Capture and Analysis software.  This process allows us to capture accurate measurements while you pedal on your bicycle or our fitcycle.  Motion Capture allows us to obtain a level of measurement accuracy that is not possible when the cyclist is in a static non-moving position.  The process utilizes a video camera connected to a computer via a high speed link.  Your position is recorded into the computer as you pedal and then our fitter uses the analysis software to review your position as well as take measurements.

Benefits of Video Motion Capture:

  • Individual video frames can be captured (paused) that reflect the cyclists’ position while they are actually riding their bikes.  These captured frames can then be used to make accurate position measurements that reflect the rider while in motion.
  • The video can be slowed down so that the bike fitter can better see the clients as they pedal.  This can help uncover issues that are not possible to see with the naked eye.
  • The analysis software allows the fitter to show and review position and possible changes to the clients.  Because the clients can see themselves in the video, the fitter can have a more effective dialogue about their position and possible changes.
  • Motion capture data and video are saved so that they can be reviewed or used at a later date.  This allows the fitter to compare a previous fit with a current fit.  In addition, if a client calls the store to talk to the fitter about an issue, the fitter can recall the video on the computer and review it while talking to the client over the phone.
  • Motion Capture data and video can be shared with a client’s doctor or physical therapist if consultation is needed or requested.
  • The software can also be used to help the clients visualize their pedal technique and overall position in slow motion and understand the proper technique necessary to produce more power.

In summary, Video Motion Capture is a very effective bicycle fit tool when used by an experienced bike fitter.  If used incorrectly it just becomes a very expensive measurement tool.  It is not meant to replace the necessary training and experience that a good fitter needs.  At Bicycles East, we combine Video Motion Capture with our extensive experience and education to give the client a very comprehensive fit for the best riding experience.