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1. What should I bring with me to my fitting?

Besides your bike, we recommend that you bring the things you typically wear when you ride--Shorts, Jersey, shoes, pedals, helmet, sunglasses and bike.  Bike clothing fits closer to the body and allows the fitter to better see how you are positioned.  If you don't have bike clothes, other close fitting clothing can also be worn.  In addition, we offer clothing, shoes, pedals and other items for sale in the store that we can help you select prior to your fit.   If you are being fitted for a new bike you do not need to bring your old bike to the fit. 

2. I am not a racer.  Will I still benefit from a bicycle fitting?

Anyone who rides a bicycle will benefit from a bicycle fit.  At a very minimum, a basic bicycle fit will insure that your saddle is positioned at the correct height and fore/aft position.  This helps to minimize knee issues and helps the cyclist have more power throughout the pedal stroke so that they can climb hills easier.  In addition, adjusting the reach to the handlebars helps with things like neck, back, arm, and hand discomfort.

3. Are bicycle fits only for road or triathlon bikes?

We do fits for all types of bicycles.  We have fit people riding mountain, hybrid, and comfort bikes.  We have also fit people riding beach cruisers and adult tricycles.  In addition, we do fit on tandems.

4. How long does a fit take?

Our basic level 1 fit typically takes 1 to 1-1/2 hours to complete.  Our full Level three and Four fits typically take 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

5. What is involved in a fit and how do I decide between a Level one fit or Level three/four fit?

Our level one fit focuses on a good "neutral" riding position.   You will pedal your bicycle on a stationary trainer while the fitter observes, measures, and makes adjustments to the saddle and handlebar position.   This helps to insure proper saddle position as well as reach to the handle bars.  It does not address things like clipless pedal cleat placement and body injuries.  This fit is a great option for someone who has a new bike and has never been fitted to it before.  Other fit services such as cleat adjustments and saddle pressure mapping can also be added to this fit at an additional charge.

A level three or four fit addresses the entire body and how it connects with the bicycle.  It starts with a detailed interview, continues with an off the bike physical assessment to identify physical restrictions and capabilities, If you brought your current bicycle with you, you will then ride the bike on a stationary trainer while your position is recorded via video motion capture.  You will then review the motion capture data with your fitter and recommendations will be made for some possible changes.  Typically at this point the fit will continue while you pedal on our state of the art fit cycle.  The fit cycle is a very effective tool to develop your "ideal" riding position because the cyclist doesn't have to stop pedaling as position adjustments are made.  Throughout the fit your fitter will continue to make observations, take static measurements, as well as use video motion capture.  The video motion capture is a very effective tool for the fitter to show and explain what is happening while changes are being recommended and performed.  This fit is perfect for the person who is having discomfort related to riding there bicycle or someone who really wants to dial in their position with the hope of more comfort, power, prevention of injury, and overall enjoyment while riding their bike.

6. I see you offer saddle pressure mapping.  Can that be done alone or does it have to be packaged with one of your fits?

Saddle pressure mapping is only effective if the rider has already had at least a basic fit.  Because your riding position greatly effects your saddle comfort, it is important to first address things like saddle position and reach to the handlebars.  If you have already had a fit from Bicycles East in the last couple of years then a stand alone saddle pressure mapping session should meet your needs.  Otherwise it is recommended that the saddle pressure mapping be combined with one of our fits.  

7. I have more than one bike.  Can I have one fitted and then have the other bikes setup to match?

If you have more than one bike and the bikes are of the same type (example all road bikes) we can typically set each bike up so that they are in matching positions.  There would be an additional setup charge for each additional bike but you will not have to have an additional fit.  If your bikes are of different types (road and a tri bike or road and mountain bike) additional fit time will be required because the riding position will be different.  The additional fitting won't take as long because all the off the bike information collected from the first fit still applies to the additional bike(s).  The additional fit time price will be discounted due to this reason.