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When it comes to bicycles, there are really only two types of repairs, preventative maintenance and emergency repairs.  Most people tend to only service their bike when a failure occurs such as flat tire, dropped chain, problems with shifting, problems with brakes, etc.  All of these sudden issues tend to call for the need for service immediately, thus falling into the "emergency repair" category.  A better alternative would be to do regular maintenance based on recommended service intervals to help prevent these sudden failures.  We like to recommend the preventative maintenance approach to maintaining your bicycle rather than a failures approach.
As you rack on the miles on your bicycle, components will begin to wear, stretch and otherwise come out of adjustment.  Keeping these components well tuned is the key to ensuring your bike performs as well as it did on day-one, every ride.  This does not just include bringing your bicycle in for service when something goes wrong or something breaks, but rather bringing it in on a schedule based on your riding habits.  The hours, miles or months you've spent owning/riding your bicycle can give you a very good idea of what maintenance you may need.  Trek Bicycle Company has come up with a series of Preventative Maintenance sheets to help guide you through the preventative maintenance process.  Below you will find multiple categories of bikes.  Click on the category that best describes your bike or looks the most like your bike or type of riding.




1 Month

200 Miles

  •  First Warranty Tune-Up

Every Year

1000 Miles

  •  Tune Up


>2000 Miles

  •  Overhaul


Every other season (100 hours): Full overhaul, new air and damper seals, as well as new oil.