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How often should I service my bike?

It all depends on how often your bike gets used, and how you use it.  We recommend having your bike serviced on a yearly basis to ensure the best riding experience.  Of course, if you're really packing on the miles or spending a lot of time on the trail, your may needs may require multiple services.  Remember, it's better to practice good preventative maintenance rather than run into a ride-ruining failure on the trail that will lead to a costly repair.


How long does it take to get my bike tuned up?

We strive to provide the highest possible quality of service while keeping our turn-around times as short as possible.  We've realized that many of you don't mind leaving the bike with us for a couple of days, and others would like to get the bike back ASAP!  For this reason we've decided to offer FREE 24 HOUR TURNAROUND, all you have to do is ask at check-in.  We will do our best to get your work done by the same time the next day, barring any need to order parts (although we have in stock the parts necessary to complete at least 90% of work orders.)


Do I need a tune-up?  How do I know what to have done to my bike?

Any time a customer brings in a bicycle for service, a highly trained service professional will put your bike on the stand and go over it with you.  We will ask you if you are having any specific issues with the bike, as well as other questions such as, "Where do you do most of your riding?" so we can get a better idea how how the bike is going to be used.  This helps us make recommendations for you so you get the most out of that new tire, chain or other component.


How much will it cost?

Well that depends on what type of service you need!  One thing that we can tell you is that whenever you bring your bike in, we will walk you through the entire check-in process.  We will tell you what your bike needs right now, and what may give you problems in the future.  We will then present you with a written quote for the service we recommend.  We can always re-write the quote if there are any reservations, and rest assured, when we give you a quote, we will not charge you differently without your consent (this is why it's so important for you to leave us an e-mail address and/or phone number to contact you in the event of an issue coming up)


Do I need an appointment?

You never need an appointment to bring your bike into Bicycles East.  You will still be able to get the same great service you expect, including 24 hour turnaround upon request.  However, if 24 hours still sounds like a long time, you can call ahead and make an appointment.  This allows us to reserve time just for you, so you can arrange to drop your bike off for just a few hours and pick it back up that same day!


Really? Free 24 hour turnaround upon request?

That's right!  We have in stock the parts to complete more than 95% of all repairs and our service staff is prepared to accommodate even the busiest of days.  If you really need that repair back quick, just ask!  As long as we have the parts in stock, we will gladly make sure that you can pick your bike up the next day, at no additional charge!


What about getting a tire/flat fixed?

Typically we can fix a flat or replace a tire on the spot for you.  The process usually only takes 5-15 minutes depending on the tire, however in the midst of a busy day during the season, we may ask if you would like to run a quick errand (we're right in the center of Glastonbury and usually close to where you need to do your shopping).  Although you're always welcome to stay and browse the shop, we're constantly getting in new merchandise that is sure to interest every type of enthusiast.