Our Precision Fit Cycle

We use the state-of-the-art Purely Custom fit cycle along with our other assortment of bicycle fit related tools.  This fit cycle allows us to make size/fit adjustments while the cyclist is pedaling.  Adjustments can be made to both the saddle and handlebar positions in both vertical and horizontal directions.  Because the rider never has to stop pedaling, they are better able to feel the changes for instant feedback.  Measuring scales built into the unit allow us to accurately note each position and to also transfer the final position to your bicycle.  A CompuTrainer load generator is built into the fit cycle creating a natural bicycle feel while giving pedal feed back via power output.  CompuTrainer's Spin Scan feature allow us to gain insight into your pedal stoke by separating your right and left side.  Fits can be performed for Road, Tri, Mountain, Hybrid...pretty much any bicycle position.

Saddle Pressure Mapping

Pressure mapping is the latest in bicycle fit technology.  It takes the guesswork out of saddle selection and allows us to accurately measure how pressure is distributed on the saddle to determine which saddle and position will result in the most comfort and performance for you.  If you have had problems withyour current saddle, or if you have tried may saddles without success, our pressure scaning a mapping is for you.

Learn More about our Saddle Pressure Scanning and Analysis

Other Bike Fit Tools

We use many more bike fit tools.  We will be updating our website shortly with more information.