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Bicycle Maintenance Packages and Rates

Preventive Maintenance is the key to helping your bike last for years and run like new!  Pick one of the packages listed below to best meet your current needs.

Complete Bike Overhaul $284.99

Our Most Complete bicycle service that helps keep your bike riding like new!

  • Includes all items outlined in our "Advanced Tuneup" plus the items listed below
  • Remove all components from frame
  • The frame is cleaned and polished
  • Full Drivetrain + Brake Caliper Cleaning Package: crank, chainrings, cassette, chain, front derailleur, rear derailleur, and brake calipers are all cleaned in our heated automatic parts washer
  • Overhaul Headset and wheel hubs
  • Replace all brake and shifter cables

* Price includes installation of ALL parts/accessories but does not include the price of those items

Deluxe Tune-up $159.99

Includes everything in our Advance Tune-up plus:

  • Full Drivetrain Cleaning
    • Crank, chainrings, cassette, chain, and derailleurs are all removed from the bike and cleaned in our heated automatic parts washer.

* Additional cost for any required parts

Annual Service Tune-Up $89.99

Everything in our Standard Tune-up Plus the following:

  • Wheel hub adjustments
  • Bottom bracket adjustment
  • Wheels removed and trued
  • Headset adjustment
  • Optional add on: Drivetrain Cleaning Package (see below for pricing)

* Additional cost for any required parts

Standard Tune-up $59.99

Get your bike ready for the riding season..our Standard Tune-up includes:

  • Basic Wash and lube of bicycle
  • Front and rear derailleur adjustments
  • Front and rear brake adjustments
  • Minor wheel truing
  • 29 point safety inspection
  • Optional add on: Drivetrain Cleaning Package (see below for pricing)

* Additional cost for any required parts

Component/Drivetrain Cleaning Packages

Keeping the moving parts of your bicycle clean and lubricated is critical for optimum performance and longevity.  At Bicycles East we use our state-of-the-art Automatic Parts Washer to clean the key moving parts of your bicycle.  We have put together a number of packages below to help meet your cleaning needs.  Learn more about our parts washer here.

Basic Bike Wash/Lube

This is a basic bicycle wash. We will do the standard wash you would get with a Tune-Up, but without any of the adjustments.  Best for bikes that work well, but got stuck in the rain, mud, snow etc.  Wash is focused on making sure the mechanical parts of the bike are able to function properly.

Components will not be removed from bike for this wash.  For a more detailed cleaning, see our other drivetrain cleaning packages

Full Drivetrain Plus Brake Calipers Cleaning     (only $74.99 when added to a tune-up) $119.99

This is the package that will get ALL of your key moving parts clean.  We will remove, clean, lube and reinstall the following:

  • Crank with chainrings
  • Cassette
  • Chain
  • Front and Rear Derailleurs
  • Front and Rear Brake Calipers
Full Drivetrain Cleaning    (only $64.99 when added to a tune-up) $89.99

This is the cleaning for your chain and all of the components that touch it.  We will remove, clean, lube and reinstall the following:

  • Crank with chainrings
  • Cassette
  • Chain,
  • Front and Rear Derailleurs
Basic Drivetrain Cleaning   (only $39.99 when added to a tune-up) $49.99

Your derailleurs are looking pretty clean, but your sprockets and chain are not so great, this is a great package for you.  We will remove, clean, lube, and reinstall the following:

  • Crank with Chainrings
  • Cassette
  • Chain


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