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Wheel Building Class

Wheel of Truing Stand

Class Description

This class is designed to teach you how to build a wheel from start to finish.  It is broken up into two sessions and by the end you will have your own hand built wheel to take home and install on your bike.

The first session  will cover basic wheel theory so that the student understands the loads on the spokes, nipples, hub, and rim.  Knowledge about wheel failure will be gained so that the student will understand what a durable wheel design looks like.  This session will also cover how to select the correct components for your wheel as well as calculate the correct spoke length.  The final part of this session will focus on hands-on wheel truing.  For this session Bicycles East will provide the wheels for truing practice.

By session two all students must have all of their components (spokes, hub, rim, nipples) to build their wheel.  During this session you will lace, tension, and true your wheel.  Tension balancing as well as stress relieving will also be covered.

Class size is limited to 4 Students.  The slots will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  As of this time, we are only planning to offer the Wheel Building class once this fall/winter season.  Your slot must be reserved with a deposit in advance.  Deposits will be refundable if cancellation is at least one week before the start of the first class session.  See below for details and dates.

Description Of Wheel Being Built In Class

Students have the option of building either a front or rear wheel.  If they are planning on building a second matching wheel on their own, then it is recommend that they build the rear wheel during the class.  The class will cover the construction of a road, mountain, or hybrid style wheel.  Either rim or disc brake hubs are fine.  A "cross" lacing pattern is being taught.  Depending on the number of spokes being used, the student will build the wheel with either a 4, 3, 2, or 1 cross pattern. 

It is expected that the student will build their wheel with all new components (spokes, nipples, hub, and rim).  This will help insure that a quality wheel is built in class without any problems.  Students that desire to rebuild a current wheel must get approval from instructor prior to class.  All students must meet with instructor at least 1 week prior to class to discuss the wheel that they plan to build.  It is at this time that the instructor will make recommendations about the general design and wheel components.

More Details

Course Fee: $150 (wheel parts not included) 

The course fee covers both sessions of the wheel building class as well as all hand-outs and use of store tools.  The wheel components that are used to build the final wheel during session two must be purchase/supplied by the Student.  They will receive 15% off wheel components if purchase through Bicycles East for the class.  If student wants to build a second matching wheel on their own immediately after the class, they can take advantage of the 15% discount for the second wheel as well.

Tools Required for Class:

Bicycles East will supply all tools required for class.  If student is interested in purchasing tools to use at home, a 15% discount is being offered while they take the class.

Discount of Parts and Tools:

Anyone attending the Wheel Building class will receive a 15% discount on all wheel components, parts, and/or tools that are purchased for the class.

Class Dates

Session 1:

Thursday December 5, 2013 6-8:30pm

Covered Topics:

  • Wheel Theory
  • Loads on Wheel
  • Wheel Failure
  • Wheel Design
  • Spoke Length Calculation
  • Wheel Truing

Session 2:

Thursday December 12, 2013 6-9pm

Covered Topics:

  • Spoke, Hub, and Rim Prep
  • Lacing
  • Basic Tensioning
  • Truing
  • Tension Balancing
  • Stress Relieving

Contact us today to reserve your slot in the Wheel Building Class

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