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Bicycles East Strava Club

Information about our Club

Bicycles East has an active Strava Club with over 40 members.   We will again be incorporate Strava into this year’s group rides as well as other planned activities such as a time-trial and hill climb series.  In addition, the club pages will show recent rides of club members and allow for comments and discussion between club members to aid in scheduling group rides among the members. 

So what is Strava?

Strava is a free social media website that gives you the ability to track your rides with a GPS device.  There is an option to upgrade to a "Premium" version if you want to take advantage of some of their training tools.  Most sport related GPS like Garmin as well as most smart phones like iPhone and Android can link with Strava.  Although Strava has grown in popularity due to its ability to be used to compete with other users in not real-time, it also has lots of training tools available to help you improve.  In addition you can use the site as a riding log to record you riding history.  Besides uploading your rides to the site you can also create routes on the site and download them to your GPS device.  To learn more about Stava or to join our Strava Club visit Strava's Website.

Some of the ways we plan to incorporate Strava Club into Bicycles East

Discussion Board

• Club members can use the board as a way to find others to ride with
• The Shop will use the Discussion Board to communicate to club members a number of activities throughout the season
• This area may also be used to communicate information about the weekly group rides—the route, special segments, etc.


• The Shop will use this area to announce events and activities
• This area may also be used to communicate information about the weekly group rides—the route and special segments
• May also use this area to communicate special sales
• This area can also be used to cancel a ride if there is bad weather

Group Rides

• We will pick one or two predetermined “segments” that will be along the planed route. 
• These segments will be used for friendly competition between club members.
• Safety will be of concern, so we will only pick segments that don’t have left turns and there will be no downhill segments chosen.  In addition we will try to avoid roads in poor condition.

Time Trial and Hill Climb Series

• We will implement a Time Trial and Hill Climb Series during the riding season.
• More than likely we will have one Time Trial and one Hill Climb each month.
• The Series schedule will be posted on our events calendar (Bicycles
East website and google calendar).
• We plan to announce the “race” segment the week before the “challenge” will be held.  This announcement will be on our Strava club page
• The race is in not-real time.  In other words, you race over the segment on your own time during the schedule week.
• You can race over the segment as many times as you would like…your best time will show up on the Leader Board
• We will filter the Leader board for Club Members only as well as by the date period raced.  We can also separate men and women.

Awards and Swag

• We will be giving out some awards and swag through-out the riding season.
• These will be related to some of the TT and Hill Climb Series as well as the competitive segments that are held during our weekly group ride
• In addition we will have random other giveaways related to the club Leaderboard.  For example: The most rides within a given week, the most miles within a given week, and the most feet climbed within a given week.