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Advanced Drivetrain and Parts Washing

Keeping the moving parts of your bicycle clean and lubricated is critical for optimum performance and longevity.  At Bicycles East we use our state-of-art Automatic Heavy Duty Parts Washer to clean the key moving parts of your bicycle.  This parts washing technology is designed and built by Renegade Parts Washers and is new to the bicycle industry.  We are one of the first Bicycle Stores in the country using it!  

About Our Parts Washer

Think of this machine as a super heavy duty dishwasher for your bike components!  We access the washing area from the top.  A holding basket was specially designed to hold all of your bicycle drivetrain components.  The basket stays stationary while bars rotate around the basket spraying a high pressure washing solution.  The washing solution is keep at a high temperature via a heating element.  This high temperature, high pressure environment does a fantastic job cleaning the key moving parts of your bicycle.   

Our test have shown that we can clean drivetrain components much better using the new Automatic Parts Washer than we can by hand.  The high temperature chamber and fluid does a great job of loosing and removing the typical grim that ends up on your drivetrain.   Even more amazing is just how fast the parts get cleaned.  This wonderful tool now allows us to offer services to our customers that we have never been able to offer before.   

Below are some photos taken before and after a cleaning using the Parts Washer




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