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Bicycles East Bicycle Fit with Saddle Mapping

Bicycles East Bicycle Fit with Saddle Mapping
$300.00 - $325.00
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This fit is for the individual who wants to ensure they are positioned on their bike in the most effective and efficient manner to minimize the possibility of injury and/or maximize power and speed. The fit addresses current discomfort and issues that you may be having on your current bike as well as discover your ideal position utilizing our Precision Fit Cycle and other tools. Your fit session will start with a comprehensive interview followed by a detailed off the bike physical assessment to determine your skeletal alignment, range of motion, and stability. We use Dynamic Motion Capture for a thorough analysis of the riders movement and position via high-speed video. In addition we have coupled our most popular fit add-on Saddle Pressure Mapping. Pressure mapping is the latest in bicycle fit technology. It takes the guesswork out of saddle selection and allows us to accurately measure how pressure is distributed on the saddle to determine which saddle and position will result in the most comfort and performance for you. Whether you want a new stock bike, custom bike, address discomfort on your current bike, or just want to improve your position on your current bike, this is the fit for you.

NOTE: We will ship/mail you a Bicycles East Gift card for the purchase value of the Bicycle Fit Sale price plus tax. The gift card "amount" will state "Bicycle Fit Including Saddle Pressure Mapping" - please have the precipitant call to schedule an appointment for their fit. More information can be found on our website under Bike Fitting.