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Bicycle Tune Up

Why should I get my Bike Tuned up?

Having your bicycle serviced frequently will help you have the best riding experience!  Anyone who has gone out and had a mechanical failure during a ride can attest to the fact that it is not only frustrating, but can also be dangerous.  Also, mechanical parts tend to wear slowly, which makes it difficult for a rider who rides the bike every day to even notice how poorly their bike's performance has become.  

What 's involved in a Tune Up?

This is where we like to set ourselves apart from the rest.  We do offer several different tune up packages, but regardless of which one you choose (or we recommend), every paid tune up involves a wash.  We do this not only to make make the bike look nice, but a clean bike is a happy bike.  A clean bike will run better and parts will last longer, so for us, a wash is a vital part of any tune up. 

After the wash, we will tune the brake and derailleur systems, lubricate the chain and all pivots, and check torque on all fasteners.  The different tune up packages then differentiate, based mainly on what work your bike may need.

What problems can a Tune Up prevent?

Now this is a tricky one.  Obviously, parts and components wear over time, however keeping them clean, lubricated and tuned can greatly increase the longevity of your bike and its parts.  A chain, for example, will wear significantly slower if it is taken care of.  One can easily increase the life span of a chain by 25% or more if properly cared for.  Also, maintaining cable systems is the key  to keep your bike shifting and braking smoothly and safely.  A frayed cable can not only significantly negatively impact your shifting performance, but if it breaks, the broken part of the cable could damage your shifter and require a more expensive removal service.  

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