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Job Opening - Customer Service Assistant - Part-Time Seasonal

CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSISTANT - part-time seasonal (generally mid-February through October, and possibly some winter hours) 

The purpose of this position is to assist the staff team in providing outstanding customer service.

Key tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Greet customers, within 30 seconds, and arrange for the appropriate person to serve them when other customer service staff are not available to greet. If the customer is in need of service, bring them and their bikes to the service center. If the customer is in need of sales assistance and all sales staff are busy, inform them that they will be served by the appropriate person as soon as somebody is available, providing as much information to them as possible in terms of who will help them. Explain that you are keeping track of who is next. The greeting is friendly and outgoing with a smile.

  2. Answer the phone when associates are unable to answer it. When available, they will answer within 2 rings. Answer questions related to hours and directions only. For other questions, transfer the call to the appropriate associate and take a message if nobody is available to take the call.

  3. Ring customers out at the register. Be available at the register during key times, as requested – such as final hour of the day when it is busiest.

  4. Maintain store cleanliness, including but not limited to, dusting, sweeping, and filling bicycle tires, and gathering trash and cardboard and taking out to the dumpsters.

  5. Maintain supplies of print materials and office supplies.

  6. Re-stock inventory as needed.

  7. Check that inventory, including clothing and shoes, are in proper order, and that all inventory is moved forward.

  8. Take bicycles up and down from the basement as needed and off of the racks as needed.

  9. Receive and put away inventory.

  10. Perform additional tasks as requested or assigned.

  11. May perform accessory sales tasks, when associates are unavailable, once approved on a category by a supervisor.

The employee must be able to perform some lifting and moving.  Specifically, the jobs require the ability to lift a bicycle (over 40 pounds) onto an overhead rack and up and down stairs (a ramp is available to roll the bike) and to move heavy boxes and bicycles.

All employees perform additional tasks. Computer profiency and outstanding customer service skills are necessary for the successful candidate.

Schedules include Saturdays.

Bicycles East is an equal opportunity employer.

Interested candidates please click the link below to complete an application.

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